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Allen Select Canvas Over/Under Hull Bag

The Select Canvas Over & Under Hull Bag from Allen is designed to hold a full box of shotgun shells in the top pocket and up to 100 spent shotgun shells in the mesh hull compartment. The hull compartment features a spring latch to keep the opening open when you need it open, plus a zippered bottom… [more]

Allen Dry Box
$18.99 - $26.99

Waterproof seal in lid. Small item quick access storage in lid. Swivel handle. Sportsmen will find dozens of uses for this waterproof storage box, great in the field or in the cabin. [more]

Allen Neoprene Shotshell Belt

Holds 25 shells up to 3 1/2" long. Waist adjustable to 58". Dual adjustable side release buckle. [more]

Allen Buttstock Shell Holder

Attaches to the buttstock of any rifle with an adjustable velcro strap system. Individual shell loops hold 5 cartridges. Zippered pocket for other accessories like clips, hearing protection or hunting aids. [more]

Allen Select Canvas Single Box Shell Carrier

The Select Canvas Single Box Shell Carrier holds a box of 25 shotgun shells, up to 12 gauge, 2-3/4? shells. Clips on to most any belt. [more]

Allen Shell Holders With Cover

Shotgun holder holds 5 rounds, Rifle holder holds 8 rounds. Elastic back slides over buttstock. Fabric cover opens and closes quietly. [more]

Allen Rifle/Shotgun Shell Belts

These black rifle/shotgun shell belts feature adjustable straps. The shotgun shell belt will hold 25 shells and the rifle belt will hold 20 rifle shells. [more]

Allen Rifle/Shotgun Shell Holders

Shotgun shell holder will hold six shells and the rifle holder will hold ten rifle cartridges. Black. [more]

8 Results

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