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$219.95 - $249.95
The PENN Fathom II Level Wind's heavy duty construction and powerful gears make it a true workhorse and favorite of charter boat Captains. It is designed to handle extreme abuse day-in and day-out. Whether you are bottom-fishing or casting live bait, the Fathom II will stand up to the hardest fishing conditions. A Full Metal Body keeps precise gear alignment while the Fast Gear Access Side Plate allows for easy maintenance. The Fathom II also houses our powerful HT-100 drag system to stop any fish that bites. Available in standard, line counter and left hand models
Daiwa Saltist? Levelwind Reels
$169.95 - $199.95
Features rugged, all metal construction with rigid, one-piece aluminum frame. Four CRBB shielded, corrosion-resistant ball bearings and a roller bearing. Powerful, high-strength alloy gears. Up to 30% greater winding power. Super Drag with up to 22 lbs. of drag max. Dual Anti-Reverse systems. Dual-position power handle. Aluminum rod clamp.
Daiwa Seagate Levelwind Series
These reels make use of a corrosion-proof composite frame and side plates to house a rugged, work horse gear train. Aluminum spool starts fast but is kept in control by centrifugal brake system.Features: Three CRBB corrosion resistant ball bearings plus roller bearing. Anodized aluminum spool. Corrosion-proof composite frame. Rugged brass gears, helical-cut for smooth, powerful winding. UT Carbon Drag System. Centrifugal spool brake. Dual system Infinite Anti-Reverse.
Penn Squall® Level Wind Reels
$114.99 - $144.99
The PENN Squall Level Wind reel is the successor to the GT series reelswhich have been around for decades and proven themselves on big fish.The Squall LW has all of the proven features of the GT series, with theaddition of improved gear ratios and an Instant Anti-Reverse bearing, ina more compact package. Left hand sizes available in the 20 and 30sizes. Lightweight graphite frame and sideplates. Forged and machined aluminum spool with Line Capacity Rings. Bronze main gear and stainless pinion gear. 2 stainless steel bearings. Instant Anti- Reverse. Switchblade lugs on the 50 size.
Shimano Charter Special®
Lightweight, dependable leverdrag reel, with levelwind for line control. Features graphite frame & sideplates. Aluminum Spool. Barrel handle Grip. A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings). Clicker. Counter Balanced Handle. Approved for use in saltwater.
Daiwa Sealine Slw Levelwind Reels
$109.95 - $119.95
50 and 60 sizes offer a true value in reels with the capacity to handle lead-core and copper wire lines. Rugged, corrosion-proof composite frame. Smooth ball bearing drive. Oversize line guide aperture for copper wire line. 20lb drag max. Fast 6.1 to 1 ratio. Power handle with oversize grip.
Penn Warfare? Level Wind Reels
$74.99 - $94.99
The PENN® Warfare was engineered to be an extremely versatile all- around reel at an affordable price. It features a lightweight graphite frame and sideplates with stainless steel frame rings for improved rigidity to prevent frame-flex. HT-100 drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads. Line capacity rings eliminate the question of how much line you have left when fighting a fish. Machined brass main and pinion gear; Instant Anti-Reverse bearing; Line Capacity Rings.
Shimano TR Series
Ideal for downrigging because it has a heavy-duty levelwind that lets you concentrate on catching the fish. Strength and total resistance to corrosion is brought about by the graphite/titanium frame. Durability is further ensured with a stainless steel reel foot, stainless steel main and pinion gear, an aluminum spool, a ball bearing drag, and a power knob and handle. Approved for use in saltwater.
Penn General Purpose Level Wind Reels
$59.95 - $69.99
The 9, 209, and 309 level wind reels are legendary for theirversatileperformance. Anglers worldwide have found their reliabilityandincredible toughness is at home anywhere - fresh or saltwater,castingor trolling.The popularity of these reels is unwavering, eventhough the design andlook date back to the early 1940's with asimplistic, functional, anddurable reel that is extremely capable.HT-100 drag washers; Stainless steel level wind system; Counter-balanced handle with oversized paddle knobs; 209 available in left hand.
Penn Rival? Level Wind Reels
$47.99 - $69.99
The PENN Rival was engineered to be anextremelyversatile all-aroundreel at an affordableprice. Features a lightweightgraphiteframe andsideplateswith aluminum frame ringsforimprovedrigidityto prevent frame-flex.HT-100drag washersprovidesmooth drag under heavyloads.Line CapacityRingseliminate thequestion ofhow much line you haveleft when fighting afish. Machine cut brass pinion gear. 2 shielded stainless steel ball bearings
Okuma Clarion Trolling Reels
Lightweight corrosion resistant graphite frame. Machined aluminum, anodized spool. Magnetic Cast control system (203/303/453 models).Stainless steel reinforcing side plate rings. Multi-disc carbonite drag system. Ratcheting drag star for precise drag settings. 2BB+1RB stainless bearing drive system. Quick Set anti-reverse roller bearing. Dual anti-reverse system. (mechanical and roller bearing).Speed Lock pinion gear system. Oversized hardened brass XL gearing system. Self lubricating gear system, all models. Wide mouth levelwind.Silent retrieve system for increased smoothness.
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