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Reels-Line Counter

Daiwa Saltist® Line Counter
$189.95 - $209.95
Saltwater or heavy Great Lakes applications, Saltist offers the perfect match of line capacity, durability and performance for fishing braid or mono. Plus the consistent line measurement accuracy required by today's controlled depth and jigging techniques. Saltist® Levelwind Line Counter Features: Direct-drive line counter measures in feet. Rugged, aluminum frame and sideplate. Daiwa CRBB Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings. New Carbon U.T. drag, smooth and fade resistant. Dual-system Infinite Anti-Reverse. Machined aluminum spool. Levelwind system lays line evenly on spool. Spool click.
Okuma Coldwater Reels
$134.99 - $159.99
Serving anglers with a premium line counter reel in both right and left hand retrieve, Okuma proudly introduces the Cold Water. The Cold Water family is constructed upon a powerful star drag foundation including heavy-duty machine cut brass gears, dual anti-reverse systems and full Carbonite drag system with up to 20-pounds of maximum drag output. The custom line counter includes new Okuma anti-fogging Clear View Technology, and should the counter be overwhelmed by water, an access port allows the interior to be dried completely. The line counter's reset button has also been recessed and placed on the side of the unit to eliminate errant resets. The series includes four sizes in right hand retrieve, three in leaving anglers with a premium line counter reel in both right and left hand retrieve.
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur® Line Counter Reels
$119.99 - $129.99
Palm-able line counter that counts in feet. 2 Stainless steel ball bearings. Corrosion resistant Instant Anti-Reverse bearing. Carbon Matrix? drag system Line out alarm. Power handle on 6500LC.
Daiwa Sealine® Counter Reel
$104.95 - $129.95
Daiwa Sealine SG Line Counter Reels feature three ball bearings and aluminum spools along with built-in direct drive precision line counters. Sealine SG Line Counter Reels also offer a UT Drag automatic engaging clutch and a rugged corrosion-proof graphite frame. Available with a double paddle handle (models SG17LC3B and SG27LC3BW) or with a Single-paddle counter-balance-d handle (models SG27LC3B and SG47LC3B).
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur® Altum? DLC Line Counter Reels
In addition to a lighted digital line counter that canbe adjusted dependent on line type, the Altum? Syncroconventional reel incorporates a highly adjustablesyncro drag system. By cranking the handle 1/3 of aturn in a counterclockwise motion, a 50% decrease indrag pressure is achieved. This feature is especiallyuseful when fishing with downriggers as it allowsbaits to be dropped easily without having to disengagethe reel. 2 stainless steel ball bearings provides smooth operation; Graphite frame and sideplates; Carbon Matrix? drag system provides smooth, consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range; Syncro? drag allows drag pressure to be quickly reduced without changing the drag setting; Machined aluminum spool provides strength without adding excess weight.
Daiwa Accudepth® Plus-B Line Counter
$69.99 - $104.99
Line counter measures line out in feet. Machined aluminum spool. Machine-cut bronze gears. Smooth Teflon-impregnated felt drag washers. Soft Touch double paddle handle (17LC and 27LCW models). Automatic clutch engagement. Spool click.
Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Reels
The Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Reels feature corrosion resistant frame and side plates. The Cold Water series from Okuma sport quality external components including, an aluminum spool engage lever, ratcheting aluminum star drag, a titanium coated wide-mouth levelwind, machined aluminum spool and a stamped aluminum power handle featuring an ergonomic non-slip rubber grip. The Okuma Cold Water Linecounter Reels also feature quality internal components such as; heavy-duty machine cut brass gears, dual anti-reverse system and a full Carbonite drag system. The internal components are held solidly in place with the Okuma MSS (Mechanical Stabilization System), a one-piece hold plate that assures long term alignment of the gears and shafts.
Tica Samira Baitcast Line Counter Reel
Defining a new generation of reels, the Samira series of reels is CNC machined from a one piece aluminum frame and comes with a forged aluminum alloy spool. The instant anti-reverse allows for complete control when casting and reeling in your fish. Featuring a line out alarm and a soft touch handle knob and casting bar this reel is a must have.
Okuma Convector Line Counter
Convector levelwinds and line counters revolutionized the fishing tackle industry, offering a powerful gearing and drag system platform previously unattainable at the Convector's value-oriented price. Today, the Convector has grown to a position as a staple in salmon fisheries from Alaska to the Great Lakes, and everywhere in between. The Convector's no-nonsense design features aluminum and stainless steel components at all critical stress points, along with Okuma's patented Mechanical Stabilization System that maintains parts alignment over the long term
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The Ambassadeur® SLine-Counter round reel gets the job done day afterday with 2 stainless steel ball bearings that providesmooth operation. 11 pounds of drag pressure and alighted digital line-counter provide accuracy andpower for a variety of situations. The addition of abent handle and drag star translates into a moreergonomic feel for all day comfort. Lighted digital line-counter provides greater accuracy with line diameter adjustability. 4 pin centrifugal brake gives consistent brake pressure throughout the cast, Synchronized level wind system improves line lay and castability.
Okuma Magda Conventional Linecounter Reels
$49.99 - $54.99
Lightweight corrosion resistant frame and side plates. Corrosion resistant graphite spools. Stainless steel reinforcing side plate rings. Mechanical line counter function measures in feet. Multi-disc Carbonite drag system. 2 Stainless steel ball bearing. Durable Machine cut brass gearing. Self lubricating gear system, all models. Stainless steel levelwind line guide system. DLX represents left hand crank models. Magda Pro reels are backed by a 1-year warranty.
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