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Sportsstuff Neptune Island
The Sports Stuff Neptune Island seats from 1 to 6 persons and makes for the perfect floating lounge for social interaction. There are 3 built in coolers with six molded PVC cup holders and a comfortable reinforced mesh bottom surface to keep you cool while you're relaxing. Sit on the floating platform portion and let your toes go for a dip. Features K80 PVC construction with radio frequency (RF) welded seams and a speed safety valve for inflation and deflation ease. The Neptune Island measures 135" x 127" (343 cm x 322.6 cm) deflated. So put away the cell phones and tables and socialize the best way on the water.
Kwik Tek Airhead Banzai Wakesurfer
BANZAI is the Cadillac of wakesurf boards. Its classic shape is easy to get up on and forgiving, perfect for beginners, intermediates, smaller wakes and bigger people. This compression molded fiberglass board with dual hook grooves grab the wake. The EVA pad with molded kicktail provides plenty of grip, control and balance. 3 profiled fins are mounted to recessed fin boxes. The pin shaped 2.5"? rocker makes the board fast. Length: 63"?, center width 20.5"?. One size fits all.
Kwik Tek Sportstuff Sidekick 2
This super agile cockpit towable designed for 2 riders is sure to give you and a friend some kicks. Featuring two deep and comfortable cockpits for maximum stability, Air Cushioned Floors for comfort, and multiple Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Pads to protect your hands when you're holding on tight. You and a SIDEKICK will experience thrills like no other as you're launched around whips and turns on this power-packed towable. The unique aero-dynamic construction will send this tube gliding through the water with the greatest of ease and the Aluminum Quick Connect Tow Point makes attaching and detaching your tow rope fast and easy to keep you on the water longer. Whether you are first time tubers or black belt riders, get your kicks on the new SIDEKICK 2 from Sportsstuff and be the talk of the lake!
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