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Marine Electronics

Uniden Compact Vhf Marine Handheld Radio
Well built, rugged handheld Marine radio is rated JIS8/IPX8 submersible and is packed with outstanding features. Included accessories are a rapid clip-on DC charger, and LiON rechargeable battery. JIS8 Submersible - Meets rigid JIS8 submersible standards (5' 30 min.). Dual, Triple, and Quad Watch Plus. Selectable 1Watt/2.5/5 Transmit Power. All N.O.A.A. Weather Channels with Weather Alert.Memory Channel Scan.Large, easy-to-read LCD Screen .Up to 12 Hour Battery Life.All USA/International and Canadian Marine Channels - Covers all USA, International & Canadian marine channels keeping you up-to-date with all the latest marine activity. SMA Flexible Rubber Antenna.Belt Clip - A sturdy belt clip is included for maximum mobility.Category: Handheld.3 Year Waterproof Protection Warranty - Covered by Uniden's 3 year warranty including any and all water damage.Lanyard.
Lowrance X4 Fishfinder
Robust 4" Film SuperTwist LCD display. 240V x 160H pixel target detail with 4-level gray scale resolution. Super-crisp viewing in direct sunlight. Screen backlighting for low-light conditions.Exclusive Lowrance 200 kHz Skimmer® transom-mount transducer with built-in water temp sensor and up to 60° of wider fish-finding coverage – operates at boat speeds to 70 mph/61 kts. Rock-steady 800W peak-to-peak/100W RMS power. Tested depths to 600 ft. Lowrance automatic ASP™ (Advanced Signal Processing) tuning for the best sonar picture possible in virtually any water condition. Lowrance GRAYLINE® enhances viewing for target separation and defines bottom composition/hardness. Lowrance Advanced Fish I.D.™ fish symbols with FishTrack™ target depth readings display option aids in lure/bait placement. Automatic depth ranging tracking with instant screen updates. Auto and Zoom bottom track for marking bottom-holding targets. Selectable deep water, shallow water, and fish alarm alerts. Built-in backup memory saves user settings at power-down. Fully sealed and waterproof. One-year limited warranty protection.
Uniden Radio Floating 6 Watt
Handheld VHF Radio Floating 6 Watt
Uniden UM385 VHF Radio
Choose Uniden's space-saving 25-watt UM385 VHF Marine Radio for its full-featured capabilities, affordable price and upgraded design. Full class-D digital-selective-calling capability, including position send, test call, request and text. Receives all U.S., International and Canadian marine channels. NOAA emergency weather alert including S.A.M.E. LCD shows channel names, radio menu, DSC features and GPS data. Meets JIS4 waterproof level, which is splash-resistant. Orange-backlit LCD and buttons. Dual- and Triple-Watch modes. Manufacturer's three-year warranty.
Uniden UM435 VHF Marine Radio
Uniden's short-chassis, fixed-mount UM435 VHF Marine Radio has been given an upgraded, space-saving design. Meets JIS-7 water-immersion standards (1 meter for 30 minutes). Features include: full class-D digital-selective calling, one-touch distress button, the ability to send and receive position information and Quik Command? a one-touch access to Coast Guard channels. High-performance transceiver receives emergency channels and NOAA weather alerts. Full-dot matrix display with intuitive menu. Manufacturer's three-year warranty.
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Submersible, rugged, reliable - say hello to the mariner's most faithful companion. The MHS335BT is the perfect companion for even the most perilous seas. Its completely submersible design is equipped to handle the weather and the waves, while remaining your fail-proof lifeline to the information and communication that keeps you safe at sea. Whether facing rough waters or enjoying smooth sailing, the MHS335BT is easily within reach throughout it all.
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