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Leland 9 Piece Trout Magnet Set
The unique 1/64oz shad dart head and split tail allows the lure to fall horizontally rather than vertically. Their entire food source flows down the stream with the current. This is why most jigs do not work for trout. The Trout Magnet, on the other hand, flows naturally with the stream. With constant 1" to 3" twitches of the rod tip, the lure looks life-like as it flows downstream. Most jigs would not respond to this type of rod tip motion.
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$1.99 - $5.89
Nungesser Shad Darts
$1.99 - $3.49
For trolling, casting and spinning. Nungesser shad darts feature a lead head with chip resistant paint, gold plated hook, and natural hair. Great for shad, herring, perch, crappie, blue gill, and white bass.
Shur Strike 00 Feather Jigs
Neck hackle feather with mylar accent flash tied to round jig head with style 570 bronze jig hook. UV glow red eyes, epoxy coated threads, chip resistant finish. Two per Pack.
Cat Tracker Egg Worms
Designed for fishing in swift water and heavy currents. Rigged egg worms. 2 per pack.
Magic Crazy Egg?
This is the first Salmon / Steelhead lure designed to imitate a sac fry that has been dislodged from the gravel and is frantically wiggling to get back to the bottom. The hollow egg sac body will hold scent and pass light, just like the real fry.
Mike's Glo Mallows
$2.09 - $3.69
Mike's marshmallows have a fluorescent glow, plus a milking off process of cheese flavoring. Packed in convenient sized containers designed to hold the flavor and texture longer than plastic bags. 1½ oz. jar.
P-Line Farallon Feather Rigs
$2.09 - $2.49
Made with the highest quality hooks and leaders, these feathers and j-rigs make great vertical jigs. Vertical jig cod, rockfish, baitfish, smelt, croaker, and various similar fish from Mexico to the Pacific Northwest and Florida up through Canada on these rigs. (2 hooks)
Wahoo Saltwater Flash'n Bucktail Jig
$2.09 - $2.39
Wedge style head. Solid and two-tone finishes. Painted double eye. Hand-tied bucktail. Holographic flash at lateral line. Heavy duty saltwater hook. Epoxy coated thread.
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Spin 1/32 Split Tail Value Pk Black Coach Dog
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Spin Bleeders 1/16 Split Tail Value Pk - White Coach Dog
Boone Squid Skirts
$2.19 - $8.69
All Boone® Squid Skirts are made of the highest quality and softest US made vinyl with super Glo Eyes. Our skirts come in a wide range of colors and sizes.
Booyah Baby Boo Jigs
$2.19 - $2.79
This little jig carries the attitude of the big boys. With a 60-strand ultra fine Booyah silicone skirt, light weed guard and a Mustad® Ultra Point? light wire hook, this baby has a proven record of catching the big ones.
Canyon Gitzit Lead Heads
Natural lead color. Thin wire 4/0 hooks.
Mike's Glitter Mallows
Neon Glitter has been added to popular marshmallow color scent combinations. Special jar keeps mallows fresher longer. 1½ ounce jar.
Mizmo Crappie Jigheads
The Mizmo knows that in crappie fishing "One Size Does Not Fit All." That is why the gold Mizmo Crappie Jigheads come in four sizes with various hook sizes to match. From the 1/64 oz jighead with a #6 hook all the way up to the 1/16 oz, which sports a #2 hook, Mizmo has the size for any fishing need.
Mizmo Crappie Tube Dusters
The eye-popping glitter and enticing tentacles are irresistible to the fish. These are a must for the serious tube jig fisherman.
Stanley Replacement Skirts
$2.19 - $3.79
Replace your buzzbait, jig and spinnerbait skirts with these custom designed skirts by Stanley. 2 per pack.
Strike King Mini-King®
$2.19 - $3.19
Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait is ideal for crappie, smallies and white bass. Available in a wide variety of colors, each Mini-King Spinnerbait is outfitted with a 2.1 size Tennessee diamond blade for maximum flash and vibration. Mini-King Spinnerbaits also feature durable diamond dust heads and seductive silicone skirts. Silver blades. 1/8 oz.
Atlas-Mike's Magic Thread
$2.29 - $4.69
Makes sac tying easier and faster. Just three turns around the stem of the sac, pull tightly; three more turns and pull tightly again. No knotting required. Wrap around bait on hook or lures to hold bait on longer. 100 ft. of thread per spool.
Betts Mini Tube Tail?
This tail is the softest, most durable material ever made. Swims perfectly. Super high quality mini tails packed in colorful peg board pack.
Creme Lakes, Rivers & Pond Favorites
$2.29 - $3.39
These lures come with a tips and how to pamphlet. The erratic swimming action cannot be resisted by predator fish. They are best if used with light line, no larger than 12 pound test. Remember to fish with jerks pause often, jerk, then pause again.
Creme Stick
Creme invented the plastic worm in 1949. Now we are proud to offer you these lures at a substantial savings. The color and quality are The Same Thing. 5" in length, 6 pack.
A freshwater favorite for double action. Excellent as a jig or trailer on other lures. Packed 10 in a printed, reusable, zip-loc worm bag.
Hildebrandt Standard Spinners
$2.29 - $6.19
Made on stainless steel shafts with easy-open snap loops. A size for all kinds of fish and all kinds of fishing.
K&E Bass Stopper Magnum Rigged Worms
Large, fat natural looking, anise-scented worm. Hand tied inside leader with one size 6 hook in the tail and two size 4 hooks evenly spaced in the worm.
K&E Bass Stopper Rigged Worms
Natural looking, anise-scented worm with hand tied inside leader and a size 8 hook directly in the tail with two size 6 hooks evenly spaced in the worm.
Shur Strike 72
Tied with 72" clear mono, deep cup Colorado Hex blade, UV beads, #12 rolling nickel swivel, #4 folded nickel clevis and two Mustad Ultra Point black nickel hooks.