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Proven paddle tail swimming action brings in redfish, specks and more! Unique recessed ribbed shape creates more surface area for even greater scent dispersion, fish attracting vibration, and bubble retention. Great for casting and retrieving in stained water.
Big Bite Crappie Tube
The Big Bite Bait Slab Tube is great for Crappie and other pan fish. It is fortified with Big Bite Baits "Bite Juice".
Creme Scoundrel Worms
$0.99 - $4.49
The 4" model is an ideal ultralight bait. The 6" model is a good all-around bait and the 8" model is ideal for Texas rigging. All versions feature the vibration and swimming action.
Creme Lit'L Fishie®
$1.19 - $4.39
Most minnow baits use a head wobble to imitate a swimming action. The fact is, only fake fish wobble their heads. The Lit'l Fishie® is the only soft plastic lure with two patented rear fins that make it swim with its tail.
Leland Crappie Magnet 15Pc Body Packs
$1.39 - $1.99
These bodies are designed to work with our 1/16th or 1/32nd oz. shad dart head. With the shad dart heads, these bodies fall more horizontal than with the round head. Crappie go nuts over this lure, so make sure you drop us a line and tell us which are your favorite colors!
Mizmo Crappie Tubes
$1.39 - $2.09
Mizmo's best selling crappie tubes offer anglers the brightest, most vibrant colors available.
Creme Killer Diller
The Killer Diller is an excellent combination of soft plastic flexibility and durability. The belly is hollow with an opening that contains black weight. The embedded single hook allows the lure to swim as a real fish does. Everything about this lure is authentic.
Creme Midjit Crawler
$1.49 - $2.29
Incredibly productive on negative fish when presented slowly. It's small enough to be worked through tight cover. Its enticing action also triggers crappies and smallmouth. 3 1/2" - 1 rigged and 1 spare.
Creme Rigged Angle Worm
$1.49 - $2.29
The best all-around panfish worm rig available. It's an ultralight killer on crappies, sunnies and bluegill all year long. Jig it vertically or swim it over weeds.
Bullet Weights Bullet Jig
$1.59 - $251.76
Ideal choice for both ocean and reverbank fishing.
Johnson Beetle Spin® Jig
$1.59 - $1.89
There have been many imitations over the years, but none have ever matched the action and simplicity of Johnson's Original Beetle Spin. After 48 years of fishing and millions of fish, we know what works! The bright, matching "safety-pin" spinner is easy to remove when you want a plain jig for deep-water presentations. Available with silver or gold blade spinner.
Betts Bream Madness
With its plump, segmented body creating an appetizing silhouette and hyper-active rubber appendages creating lifelike movements.
Big Bite Fat Grub
Features a fat body and a large tail for great action for all game fish.
Creme Lizard
$1.69 - $2.29
Creme invented the plastic worm in 1949. Now we are proud to offer you these lures at a substantial savings. The color and quality are The Same Thing. 6" 7 pack
Creme Ribbon
$1.69 - $2.29
Creme invented the plastic worm in 1949. Now we are proud to offer you these lures at a substantial savings. The color and quality are The Same Thing.
Leland 8 Piece Trout Magnet Set
$1.69 - $2.49
The unique 1/64oz shad dart head and split tail allows the lure to fall horizontally rather than vertically. Their entire food source flows down the stream with the current. This is why most jigs do not work for trout. The Trout Magnet, on the other hand, flows naturally with the stream. With constant 1" to 3" twitches of the rod tip, the lure looks life-like as it flows downstream. Most jigs would not respond to this type of rod tip motion.
Booyah Replacement Skirt
$1.79 - $3.39
55-strand Bio-Flex® silicone skirt for spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.
Creme Split Tail Trailers
$1.79 - $2.49
Made of a specially formulated plastic that gives it an action "unequated" by any other product. It's tough, so it will last cast after cast, yet is extremely supple in any water.
Creme Tru-Lur
$1.79 - $2.29
Every detail, from the tiniest leg to the most delicate wing, is an exact duplication of the real McCoy. Artificial designed to fool even the most finicky of fish.
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$1.79 - $19.99
Sea Striker Squid Rigs - Fluke/Flounder
An East Coast Favorite for flounder. Soft 3" squid rig tied with 42 inches of 30 lb. test mono. The rig has a #4, three-way swivel at the top with a snap for easy sinker attachment. The bottom of the rig has a 1/0 saltwater wide gap flounder hook and a #2 nickel spinner blade above the squid.
Stopper Worm Rival
2 1/2 hand tied scented worm. Great for Bass, Crappie, Bluegill & Trout.
Billfisher Tuna Tail Skirts
$1.89 - $87.90
BillFisher 6" Tuna Tail Double skirts work well for dressing up Ballyhoo rigs, mullet or any offshore lure that needs additional color. Sixteen colors are available in 2 PACK or 10 PACK. All are PACKaged with a peg hole header card and BillFisher logo.
Creme Lit'L Fishie®
A great jig to pair with your favorite lure
Magic Mini Marshmallows
$1.89 - $3.89
Brilliant dyes and quality scents combine to make the finest floating baits available. Biodegradable.
Leland Trout Slayer
Place one or two split shots 10-12" above the lure. Cast the lure across the river and allow to sink close the bottom. Reel the lure to imitate a crawdad swimming along the bottom while jerking fast and then slow to make it look like it is swimming at different speeds. Keep the rod close the water to help the lure to stay deep. Stop it from time to time allowing it to touch the bottom of the river. The lure works best when it looks natural and moves along the bottom of the river. Low light conditions seem to work best for big fish. Some of the biggest fish we caught on this lure have come just before dark while bringing it along the bottom of the stream. Many species of trout hit this lure but Browns particularly like it. Smallmouth also hit this lure fished the same way. 6 PCS. (4) bodies (2) hooks.
Atlas-Mike's Sac Attack
Soft plastic egg cluster looks and feels like the real thing. Super casting and drifting bait for steelhead, salmon and trout. Push single hook through the egg cluster and place desired weight 18-24 inches up on the line. Ideal for fishing in fast moving water conditions.
C&H Pearl Baby
$1.99 - $3.89
C & H Pearl Baby is great on all striking fish. Available in tinsel and super pearl.
Creme Spoiler Swim Baits
$1.99 - $2.99
The Spoiler Shad is made with a much larger tail to produce the correct vibration and swimming action. Remember not to fish this lure too fast as excessive speed will cause the lure to lean to one side. Instead use short bursts by raising and lowering your rod tip while reeling. This will cause a more panicked retrieve sure to attract a predators attack. This shad comes with removable hook covers. Simply twist covers to remove.
Creme Weedless Rigged Scoundrel
$1.99 - $3.09
6" Scoundrel® worm rigged with wire leader and propeller and #1 hooks with wire weed guards. 1 rig and 1 spare.
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