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Game Feeders

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American Hunter KD Feeder With Digital Timer Kit
$419.99 - $519.99

6V and 12V compatible timer. LCD screen includes the days days of the week. Large stand-alone "test" button. 8 available daily feed times 1 to 30 seconds per feeding. Adjustable (low, med, high) motor speed control. Battery charge level icon Includes in-line fuse protection to help guard against… [more]

American Hunter Tripod Feeder

Attract your wild game with a feeder from American Hunter. [more]

American Hunter Sun Slinger Kit Feeder

The American Hunter Sunslinger Deer Feeder Kit has straight forward timer programming that offers many feeding options. Use the American Hunter Deer Feeder for wild life observation, keeping deer out of your garden, or hunting game. The American Hunter Sunslinger Deer Feeder Kit feeds 1 to 16 times… [more]

American Hunter Digital Feeder Kit And Varmint Guard

New no-blow slinger Program one to 16 feeding times per day Three feed rates Clock has built-in rechargeable battery Redesigned built-in varmint guard The RD Pro Digital Feeder Kit has the same housing as the R Pro Feeder Kit but it's upgraded with a digital clock timer that lets you program one to… [more]

American Hunter Hanging Feeder
$36.99 - $64.99

Hanging Feeder with Kit [more]

5 Results

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