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Strike King Mini Pro-Buzz Topwater Buzzbait Lure

Miniture buzzbaits often outfish large ones and are frequently used by the pros. The mini Pro-Buzz has a traditional blade and the Tri-Wing Mini Buzz King has a three blade prop that comes up quickly, enables a slow retrieve and has a different squeaking sound. [more]

Strike King Redfish Magic Flats Jig Heads

The Redfish Magic Flats Jig Heads with their wide-gap chemically sharpened hook, reflective eyes and durable finish are one of the finest jig heads on the market. [more]

DOA Weedless Worm Rig

DOA CAL jerk baits are extremely effective lures to use for when fishing the flats. [more]

Precision Tackle Flats Intruder / Professional Weedless Spoon

-1/4 OZ -Copper-Make -Copper-plated spoons are lacquered. Quality brass blade and hook. [more]

Billy Bay Grass Halo Shrimp / Clear Gold Sparkle

Can be fished straight to a leader or beneath a popping cork. The slow sinking action makes it extremely enticing to predators. [more]

Z-Man DieZel Spin

-Ideal for fresh and saltwater gamefish including redfish, bass, stripers, seatrout, flounder, snook and more! -Heavy-duty spinner wire and secure hook eye connection is far stronger than 'safety-pin' style spinner wires. -Features oversized Colorado-style blade for maximum flash and vibration.… [more]

Berkley Gulp!®

Proven paddle tail swimming action. Unique ribbed shape creates more surface area for better scent. Great for casting and retrieving in stained water. [more]

Blue Water Candy Dolphin Weenie

Blue Water Candy's Dolphin Weenies consist of a 4-1/4" squid skirt with shiny mylar underneath, rigged on 80lb. mono with a 7/0 hook. They are perfect for dolphin and tuna, either trolled by themselves or with a strip bait. Just tie it on and drag it! [more]

Heddon Super Spook JR. / Bone-Silver

-The backbone of the famous Heddon Zara Spook family -The 5" Super Spook boasts three super-sharp hooks -Especially important for schooling stripers and other hard-charging species [more]

Mirrolure Suspending Mirr-O-Glass Twitchbait

Suspended at depths of 10-12", darts from side to side while emitting a sonic fish calling sound. Ideal for fishing the shallows or near the water's surface. [more]

Rapala Skitter Walk / Gold Mullet

The Skitter Walk is designed to "walk-the-dog" with ease. Large internal rattles create a rhythmic side-to-side motion and sound combination. This lure is most effective when fish are feeding on the surface [more]

Rapala Original Floating / Gold

The legendary floating is the world's best selling lure. The Floater is extremely versatile and can be worked from top-to-bottom and performs at all rates of retrieve. It's a Balsa wood lure with classic Rapala wounded-minnow swimming action. Appropriate for all species of gamefish. [more]

River2Sea Whopper Plopper 90

this gurgling plopping topwater bait is the most unique topwater bait on the market. The commotion and sound created by this bait will produce some explosive strikes. Roll, Buzz, Twitch or Burn, Whopper plopper gets it done. [more]

Iland Iland Tracker Original / Blue-White

Iland Tracker features a bullet head design, which creates less drag, straight tracking and no spinning. tournament proven Nylon fiber skirts offer unmatched effectiveness and durability against toothy gamefish. Weighted head allows a greater range of trolling speeds and Tracker minimizes washout… [more]

15 Results

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