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Jigs-FW Casting & Flippin

Lethal Weapon Lethal Blade
The Lethal Weapon Lethal Blade is a blade bait with a highly attractive vibrating action. Used for casting, jigging, or slow trolling the Lethal Blade will catch the eyes of walleye, saugeye, both large and small mouth bass, white bass, pike and panfish.
VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig
$6.99 - $43.74
This VMC® upgraded version of the traditional Aspirin-shaped heads provides added control. 3-D holographic eyes create the illusion of a wider profile while adding realism. Assembled with a VMC® Premium high-carbon steel hook with top of the line black nickel finish. The wide range of colors includes UV Bright finish colors that guarantee you to catch more fish in all water conditions.
Z-Man ChatterBait® Jack Hammer
Designed by Elite Series pro Brett Hite in conjunction with Japanese luremaker Evergreen International, the ChatterBait® Jack Hammer is among the most refined and highly anticipated baits to ever hit the U.S. market. Its flat-bottom, low center of gravity head and super thin, strong stainless steel blade enable the Jack Hammer to start vibrating quickly and hunt in an erratic, side-to-side motion, just like a frantic baitfish. Its signature head and blade combo allow it to deflect off cover very easily as well, and also allows it to skip easily beneath docks and overhanging trees like no bladed jig before.
Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Swinging Football Head
$9.29 - $14.49
The Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Swing Football Head features an interchangeable hook keeper that allows you to fit whatever style and size of hook you want to put behind it. It also provides the hook with a tremendous free swinging action that adds additional life and action to your trailer. The tungsten composition of the head provides a host of benefits as well, including a smaller profile and greater sensitivity. Offering a whole new level of versatility, attach your favorite hook and trailer to the Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Swing Football Head and feel the difference.
Gamakatsu Wacky Head Jigs
$7.49 - $11.99
With its unique flat shape, the "Wacky Head" will entice the finickiest of biters with its side to side rolling type action. Also to add to its attraction is the red epoxy head, and a short shank wide gap designed hook for a greater bite surface area for those short biting fish.
Strike King Tour Grade Naked Rage Blade?
The Strike King Tour Grade Naked Rage Blade delivers the same innovative and super-effective action as the original - now in a slightly modified, pre-rigged package that excels in clear water. Designed with a clear blade, the Strike King Tour Grade Naked Rage Blade provides a less-flashy presentation that is just as tempting, but a little less intrusive.Additionally, the Strike King Tour Grade Naked Rage Blade ditches the skirt and comes equipped with the lifelike Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic Blade Minnow. Armed with a custom Gamakatsu hook, the Strike King Tour Grade Naked Rage Blade delivers the same level of attraction and weedlessness as the original, but in a slightly different package that bass will undoubtedly devour.
Strike King Tour Grade Rage Blade Swim Jig
A new take on the bladed swim jig, the Strike King Tour Grade Rage Blade Swim Jig features a unique blade and head design. Instead of having the head molded onto the hook like most swim jigs and jigs in general, the weighted head is actually molded onto the blade. Field testing has shown this design greatly increases hook up percentages by giving the blade more movement to get out of the way of the hook when a fish strikes the lure. It also helps decrease snags as well thanks to the increased movement of the blade, and still delivers the classic bladed swim jig vibration that bass can't resist. The Perfect Skirt and twin tail trailers also combine to provide additional lifelike action, and a custom Gamakatsu hook is sticky sharp and ultra strong to keep fish buttoned down. If you like fishing bladed swim jigs, give the new Strike King Tour Grade Rage Blade Swim Jig a try. The results speak for themselves.
Strike King Tour Grade Slither Rig
$5.79 - $10.99
The Strike King® Tour Grade Tungsten Slither Rig will get you into the nastiest of cover where jigs won't go. It features a modified tungesten weight with skirt collar, chip resistant powder coat paint and a premium soft-cut silicone skirt designed to punch through matted grass, pads and any type of heavy cover. The tungsten weight penetrates and falls thru cover better than ordinary lead weights and the skirt adds that live action needed to turn on big fish. This rig gives you the ability to reach fish that you couldn't get before!
No Image
Custom designed swimming lip, combined with a lower positioned head creates an erratic, hard pounding, sweeping action.
Z-Man Project Z? ChatterBait® Weedless
Sporting the same proven, tournament-winning design and upgraded features as the standard Project Z ChatterBait®, the addition of a heavy fiber weedguard prevents snagging and fouling around wood, brush, docks, grass, and laydowns. Armed with premium components like 5/0 Mustad UltraPoint hooks, super strong line ties, stainless blades, and 3D eyes, this new weedless bladed jig helps you boldly go where no ChatterBait® has gone before!
Z-Man Project Z? ChatterBait®
$9.39 - $9.89
Fueled by the wants, needs, and recommendations of avid anglers the world over, the Project Z ChatterBait is Z-Man's top-of-the-line bladed swim jig, taking the proven versatility and fish-catching performance of The Original ChatterBait to an entirely new level! This new entry in the ChatterBait line features a streamlined head design that allows the blade to swing more freely, resulting in more vibration, whether you're ripping the bait through grass or employing a more mthodical stop-and-go retreieve, as well as upgraded components for increased longevity. New Z-Tie? double umbrella EZ Skirt® for a fuller skirt profile, rivaling the look of a hand-tied skirt. Available in 3/8 and 1/2 ounce weights with a 5/0 hook. Larger 3/4 and 1 ounce weights feature a 6/0 hook.
No Image
$6.39 - $9.39
The Gene Larew® Biffle HardHead® Jighead offers the benefits of a football head plus the added action of a worm-hook that moves freely with the bait! Tommy Biffle used this head to win the BASS Elite Series ''Sooner Run'' event.
Strike King Pure Poison Swimming Jig
The Strike King Pure Poisons Swim Jig has a unique head design, blade and harness that produces incredible action and vibration. You have to see and feel it to believe it! They are terrific wherever you would fish a spinnerbait or swim a jig. The Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails gives enhanced action compared to regular skirts and the colors match the head. A long shank premium hook ensures great hook ups. The 3D eyes give a realistic appeal and the special split ring line tie is strong and secure.
Nichols Lures Saber Swim Jig
$4.19 - $8.99
The Nichols Lures Saber Swim Jig utilizes the already successful PulsatorSpinnerbait head design, featuring several innovations that trulychange the game. Equipped with a 5/0 3X 30 degree Mustad ultrapointhook, this is not your grandpa's finesse jig. The Saber also features ourimproved patented toothpick keeper so that whether a fisherman choosesto utilize the toothpick collar or not, his plastic will stay in place. Ametal flake finished head with 3-D eyes rounds out this killer new lure.
No Image
The Tour Grade Mag Jig Head is designed to use with big worms for stand up and shaky head fishing styles. The wide Cobra shaped head is designed to produce great feel of the bottom, yet tapers to the nose to help with the hook set. Its flat bottom and specifically angled hook stand up your worm for great action. The Owner Twistlock? Centering Pin screw keeper makes rigging straight easy and is free-swinging to flex when a fish bites, which paired with the long shank, wide gap and sharp point of the big black nickel hook, makes the hook up ratio terrific. It works best to use a sweeping type of hook set.
Strike King Jointed Structure Head
The ultimate free-swinging hook design. Designed for slow-speed crawling. Rig with the new Rage Bug and crawl it in! Zero-degree line tie, 3/0 deep throat Gamakatsu hook, powder coat finishes.
Freedom Hydra Jig
$7.79 - $8.29
The Freedom Tackle Hydra Hybrid Jig features a unique, lifelike hydrodynamic head design complete with a durable, hardened epoxy finish, 3D hologram eyes, and a sonic brass echo chamber. It also features a special hook attachment that allows the hook to swing independently, providing enhanced bait movement and a more lifelike presentation. This also means fish can't use the jig head for leverage and throw the hook, resulting in an increased landing percentage. Available in a range of realistic colors, the Freedom Tackle Hydra Hybrid Jig come with premium black nickel chemically sharpened hooks. The special hook attachment also allows you to easily change out hooks to the hooks of your choice.
Jewel Football Jigs
$6.49 - $7.89
The heavy cover finesse football jig offers an angler the right weight-to-depth bait. A bulky presentation allows an angler to catch quality fish in the 8-15 feet range while the bait still maintains the trademark Jewel Bait Company finesse-style skirts. (2 pack)
VMC Finesse Weedless Jig
Hollow back allows bait to fit snug for a natural presentation whole the unique pleated weight distribution provides a wider profile. HOOK: Light Wire. Forged Shank. Premium Hi Carbon Steel. Needle Point. Stainless Weed Guard. JIG: Hollow Back Allows Bait to Fit Snug for a Natural Presentation. Unique Pleated Weight Distribution Provides a Wider Profile. Wire Keeper. Glitter Finish
Gamakatsu Round 26 Jigheads
A standard all around jig head design, it features a long shank 90 degree jig hook and a round head with two keeper rings to prevent the bait from sliding off, but won't tear up thinner, softer baits. The Nickel silver Black.
Gamakatsu Tube Head Jigheads
$4.89 - $7.69
The tube 25 is an ideal hook for finesse tubes and other hollow baits. This hook uses a sleek head design to fit inside tubes and features a strong size 2 hook with a corrosion resistant Nickel silver black finish. The weights available are 1/32 oz., 1/16 oz., and 1/8 oz. Nickel silver black.
Strike King Tour Grade Skipping Jig
$7.39 - $7.69
Strike King® & BASS Pro Andy Montgomery have designed the ultimate jig for skipping under docks. The Tour Grade Skipping Jig has a unique shaped head that helps the jig skip across the water way up under boat docks better than any other design. It has a super strong Gamakatsu® hook that won't bend when banged against hard cover & its line tie angle & extra sharpness aid in hook sets. The corkscrew keeper helps keep your trailer on while banging around & it also has durable powder coated paint, color coordinated weed guard and a premium skirt for a lifelike look. Tour Grade for sure and a great all-around jig!
Z-Man ChatterBait® Micro
$3.29 - $7.69
Don't let the size fool you - the 1/8 oz. ChatterBait Micro delivers the same action and vibration as its big brothers, but in a smaller package. The perfect choice for ultra light tackle, the Micro is ideal for ponds, crappie fishing, or any situation where gamefish are keyed in on smaller forage. Pre-rigged with interchangeable, solid-hub EZ Skirt®. 3 inches long, 1/8 oz weight.
Strike King Tour Grade Swinging Swim Jig
The Strike King® Tour Grade Swinging Swim Jig was designed by our Pro-Staff to help you catch more fish. It includes a streamlined painted balanced head for better swimming action and is coordinated with the awesome Perfect Skirt®. It's main feature is a free swinging black nickel needlepoint hook for that maximum action in the water. Add your favorite RageTail? or swimming Perfect Plastic bait trailer and hang on!
Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig
Great for drawing freshwater bass to your line, the Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig features an Owner Cutting Point single hook with a 0° line for a straight pull with the hook point. 3" with a 5/0 hook.
No Image
The Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig is a compact jig designed around a strong black nickel hook that has a smaller diameter (than the Heavy Hook model) to get good penetration when using fluorocarbon or lines that stretch more than braid. It's head shape, weedguard and size make it extremely weedless and its cork screw wire keeper secure your plastic trailer. This is the best flipping jig there is for heavy cover when you want to downsize your line such as in clearer water conditions.
Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Jigs
The Hack Attack Jig is the extreme Heavy Cover Jig. Designed to be fished in and around the heaviest shallow and deep water cover out there. The Hack Attack Jig was built around an exclusive Gamakatsu black nickel heavy wire hook for extra bite and a 30 degree line-tie. Includes a heavy weed guard to help come through cover easier.This jig is best used on heavy Fluorocarbon or Braided line and heavy rods.
Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jigs
The Hack Attack Heavy Cover Swim Jig is designed to be fished in and around the heaviest cover. The jig is built around an exclusive for Strike King, Gamakatsu extra strong Siwash hook for extra bite with a heavy weed guard to help come through the heaviest of cover and the Perfect Skirt gives the bait more lifelike action. Great for winching big fish out of grass or wood!
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