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Strike King Titanium Wire Umbrella Rig
Imitate a school of baitfish with the Strike KingĀ® Tour Grade Titanium Umbrella Rig. It's a 5-wire system designed with a .027 diameter titanium wire that eliminates kinks, breakage and metal fatigue common to some steel wire rigs. This flexible titanium wire enables increased pulsing action, resulting in more strikes. The smaller diameter is also less visible in clear water, creates less wind drag, and makes casting easier. A lifelike head with 3D eyes has an internal swivel to prevent line twist. May be rigged with a wide variety of lures (not included).
Strike King Tour Grade Titanium Wire Umbrella Rig
The Strike King Tour Grade Titanium Umbrella Rig is a versatile system that imitates a school of bait fish. Strike King's is simply better then the rest. It is made with .027 diameter titanium wire, which eliminates kinks, breakage and metal fatigue that's common with other rigs. The flexible titanium provides increased pulsing action and triggers more fish.
Yum brella 3-Wire Kit
Perfect for States that only allow anglers to fish three hooks per rig, the Yumbrella 3-Wire Rig from Yum features three stainless steel Super Wire arms that have been repeatedly heat-treated to deliver unmatched in strength and memory. A true molded coupler also provides incredible toughness and durability, ensuring that the wire arms never break free. The head features an incredibly realistic finish as well, and top-quality snaps and swivels ensure flawless performance. The Yumbrella 3-Wire Rig also includes three 4" Yum Mud Minnows, as well as, three 1/8oz jig heads with super sharp 3/0 hooks._ A deadly way to target suspended bass, stripers and other gamefish, the Yumbrella 3-Wire Rig from Yum simulates a small school of baitfish, and has been proven to catch fish coast-to-coast.
Yum brella 5 Wire Rigs
$11.49 - $12.49
The YUM YUMbrella Rig is a 7" multi-swimming rig that allows you to cast five minnows or other lures at one time. The YUMbrella Rig simulates a small school of baitfish. Retrieved fast or slow, depending on conditions, the rig features a molded coupler for extreme durability. The YUMbrella Rig boasts arms of stainless steel that have been repeatedly heat-tempered for superior strength and memory. A 75-pound test swivel and 45-pound test snap assure added strength and consistent performance, even on big fish. Ideal for use with swimbaits, grubs, and spinnerbaits.
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