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$59.99 - $74.99
Sea Striker Bottom Rigs 2 & 3 Drop
$2.99 - $64.50
These are the most popular rigs for the North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia Coast. Rigs are tied with 40 lb. mono using #3 nickel snaps and #5 nickel barrel swivels and a plated connecting link. Items with a "K" in front of the stock number use a #5 sinker snap. All other use a #14 link. 2P - Made with 40 lb. DuPont® nylon. Well swiveled with #14 Luxon connecting link, nickel safety snaps. 2B - Like No. 2P, with fluorescent red beads just above snaps to attract fish. 2BCH - Same as 2B, but with chartreuse beads. 3P: A three drop rig when spots are running. Made with 40 lb. DuPont® nylon. Well swiveled with #14 Luxon connecting link and nickel safety snap. 3B: Like No. 3P, only with fluorescent red beads.
Sea Striker Snelled Bluefish Rigs
$3.99 - $58.68
The "SBR" series is made on a standard #1040 snell hook rig with twisted wire arms. The nylon-coated Sealon® wire hook float leader is attached to the rig. The "SBR" series uses 1 1/2" cigar floats and 1/0 plated hooks. The "HDSBR" series is the same as the "SBR" series, but made on a #1040HD heavy-duty snell hook rig with 2" floats and 4/0 plated hooks. Individually packaged. Individually packaged. 0029-0190
Sea Striker Bluefish Rigs
$2.29 - $54.96
The original Hatteras bluefish rig is made on 60 lb. black nylon-coated Sealon® wire. It has a 2" fluorescent oval float and a 7/0 plated hook. The 1/0 black 3-way swivel has a #14 Luxon connecting link for sinker attachment. Available with a plain or white bucktail hook. Use with natural strips or cut bait. Bulk packaging, 24 per ring or individually packaged.
Sea Striker Double Drop Bluefish Rig
Double drop bluefish rig tied with 40 lb. mono. Uses #5 swivels, #3 snaps and a Luxon connecting link for the sinker. Uses one fluorescent red and one fluorescent yellow, 3/4" tear drop shape, hard foam float.
Fin Strike Mu522 Fluke Rigs
$51.48 - $53.88
Adjustable bait rigs. Black nickel Mustad® Ultra Point® octopus beak hooks with bucktail teaser and sinker snap.
Fin Strike Pro Series Fluke Rigs
$41.88 - $53.88
With Gamakatsu® hooks. Shiner hook with NS black finish upturned eye, flash teaser, oval beads, spinner blade and sinker snap. Tied with 100% fluorocarbon.
H&H Coastal Popping Rig W/ Monofilament
$41.88 - $52.68
Great for use when saltwater fishing. Monofilament line for strength and durability. 2 rigs per pack.
H&H Coastal Popping Rig W/ Wire
$41.88 - $52.68
Great for use when saltwater fishing. Wire line for strength and durability. 2 rigs per pack.
Sea Striker F1 Flounder Rigs
$2.19 - $46.68
Made with 40 lb. mono, a #42-2 Eagle Claw® hook , 2" fluorescent red or yellow floats and a 1 oz. sinker. Also available in a white bucktail. Made in USA. Individually packed.
Sea Striker Bead Gulf Rigs
$28.44 - $46.44
One or two drop with bead. Monofilament or Steelon®.
Fin Strike Pro Series Fluke Rig
With Gamakatsu® hooks. Shiner hooks with NS Black finish with upturned eye and sinker snap.
Sea Striker Fireball Rigs
$2.19 - $43.08
This double drop rig is tied on 40 lb. mono or 60 lb. nylon coated wire. The 3/4" float model has #4 plated hooks and the 1" float model has 3/0 plated hooks. Both have a #5 swivel at the top and a #5 snap for sinker.
Blue Water Candy King Rig Tournament
$24.99 - $41.99
Multipacks reduce cost and keep one person from emptying the peg of single rigs. Highly popular with tournament fisherman and those that fish frequently.
Fin Strike 952 & 953 Atlantic Cod Rigs
Hi-lo rig. Two bronze Mustad® sproat hooks-952: gold Mustad® beak hooks. 953-with red tubes, swivel and sinker loop
Sea Striker Fluke Killers
$2.69 - $40.68
Another Eastern Shore and Northeast favorite for Flounder (Fluke). This 32", 40 lb. leader has a loop at the top for rig attachment. It has a style 42, size 1/0 nickel plated wide gap hook. The hook is dressed with a spinner blade and a bucktail teaser tag. Individually packaged.
Sea Striker Snapper Rigs
$37.08 - $40.68
Heavy-duty Snapper Rigs for bottom fishing. Features double drops and heavy swivel. Rigs have black nylon-coated Sealon® wire. Bulk packed on a shower ring.
Sea Striker Drum Rig 'Dr'
$1.89 - $40.56
The 17" rig has a 2/0 3-way swivel with a Luxon connecting link on the top end. Available 12 per ring or 1 per pack.
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$24.99 - $39.99
Sea Striker Captains Rigs
$32.28 - $34.68
Another Eastern Shore and northeast favorite for flounder (fluke). This 32" 40 lb. leader has a #4, 3-way swivel at the top with a snap for sinker attachment. Size 1/0 hook. The bottom of the rig has a spinner blade, a bucktail teaser and a nickel-plated wide gap flounder hook. Individually packaged.
Sea Striker F3 Flounder Rigs
$1.89 - $34.68
The same excellent seller and specifications as the above. The only difference is the selection of the float and the F3 is available with a mono or nylon-coated 30 lb. Sealon® wire leader. Individually packaged.
Sea Striker Cobia Leader
$4.49 - $32.28
CR42 heavy-duty leader for any large game fish. The 42" leader is made with 80 lb. black Sealon® coated wire. It is double crimped on each end with 2 Micro-press sleeves. The top end has a 2/0 black swivel and the bottom has a 2/0 black Coastlock snap swivel. Bulk packed. The CSR36-1PK rig is designed for heavy duty bottom fishing, especially Cobia or Shark. Made with 3' of 90# black Sealon®, 6 oz. egg lead, a 2/0 swivel and 2/0 Coastlock snap swivel.
Sea Striker Fluke Tamer Rigs
A double hook rig for flounder (fluke). The 50 lb. mono has two 1/0 nickel-plated wide gap flounder hooks, a #5 swivel at the top and a #3 snap in the center for sinker attachment. One hook is dressed with a white bucktail teaser. Individually packaged.
Sea Striker Egg Ready Rigs With Hook
$2.29 - $29.88
All rigs are constructed with 45 lb. nylon coated wire.
Fin Strike 652Weakfish Rig
Hi-long rig. Two gold Mustad® wide gap hooks with pearl oval beds, swivel, and sinker loop.
Sea Striker Flounder Trolling Rigs
$2.69 - $28.68
One of Sea Striker's® most popular flounder rigs. Constructed from 25" heavy monofilament line, 2 1/2" float, #4 Colorado spinner, red beads, and a #3 nickel snap. Made in USA.
Sea Striker Pop Rigs
An Eastern Shore favorite for flounder (fluke). This 50 lb. mono rig has two size 1/0 nickel-plated wide gap flounder hooks. One hook has a bucktail teaser for dressing, the other is plain. Hook leaders can be easily changed. This rig has a minimum of hardware. Individually packaged.
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