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Sea Striker Bottom Rigs 2 & 3 Drop
$2.99 - $64.50

These are the most popular rigs for the North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia Coast. Rigs are tied with 40 lb. mono using #3 nickel snaps and #5 nickel barrel swivels and a plated connecting link. Items with a "K" in front of the stock number use a #5 sinker snap. All other use a #14 link. 2P… [more]

Sea Striker Snelled Bluefish Rigs
$3.99 - $58.68

The "SBR" series is made on a standard #1040 snell hook rig with twisted wire arms. The nylon-coated Sealon® wire hook float leader is attached to the rig. The "SBR" series uses 1 1/2" cigar floats and 1/0 plated hooks. The "HDSBR" series is the same as the "SBR" series, but made on a #1040HD… [more]

Sea Striker Bluefish Rigs
$2.29 - $54.96

The original Hatteras bluefish rig is made on 60 lb. black nylon-coated Sealon® wire. It has a 2" fluorescent oval float and a 7/0 plated hook. The 1/0 black 3-way swivel has a #14 Luxon connecting link for sinker attachment. Available with a plain or white bucktail hook. Use with natural strips or… [more]

Sea Striker Double Drop Bluefish Rig

Double drop bluefish rig tied with 40 lb. mono. Uses #5 swivels, #3 snaps and a Luxon connecting link for the sinker. Uses one fluorescent red and one fluorescent yellow, 3/4" tear drop shape, hard foam float. [more]

Fin Strike Mu522 Fluke Rigs
$51.48 - $53.88

Adjustable bait rigs. Black nickel Mustad® Ultra Point® octopus beak hooks with bucktail teaser and sinker snap. [more]

Fin Strike Pro Series Fluke Rigs
$41.88 - $53.88

With Gamakatsu® hooks. Shiner hook with NS black finish upturned eye, flash teaser, oval beads, spinner blade and sinker snap. Tied with 100% fluorocarbon. [more]

H&H Coastal Popping Rig W/ Monofilament
$41.88 - $52.68

Great for use when saltwater fishing. Monofilament line for strength and durability. 2 rigs per pack. [more]

H&H Coastal Popping Rig W/ Wire
$41.88 - $52.68

Great for use when saltwater fishing. Wire line for strength and durability. 2 rigs per pack. [more]

Sea Striker F1 Flounder Rigs
$2.19 - $46.68

Made with 40 lb. mono, a #42-2 Eagle Claw® hook , 2" fluorescent red or yellow floats and a 1 oz. sinker. Also available in a white bucktail. Made in USA. Individually packed. [more]

Sea Striker Bead Gulf Rigs
$28.44 - $46.44

One or two drop with bead. Monofilament or Steelon®. [more]

Fin Strike Pro Series Fluke Rig

With Gamakatsu® hooks. Shiner hooks with NS Black finish with upturned eye and sinker snap. [more]

Sea Striker Fireball Rigs
$2.19 - $43.08

This double drop rig is tied on 40 lb. mono or 60 lb. nylon coated wire. The 3/4" float model has #4 plated hooks and the 1" float model has 3/0 plated hooks. Both have a #5 swivel at the top and a #5 snap for sinker. [more]

Blue Water Candy King Rig Tournament
$24.99 - $41.99

Multipacks reduce cost and keep one person from emptying the peg of single rigs. Highly popular with tournament fisherman and those that fish frequently. [more]

Fin Strike 952 & 953 Atlantic Cod Rigs

Hi-lo rig. Two bronze Mustad® sproat hooks-952: gold Mustad® beak hooks. 953-with red tubes, swivel and sinker loop [more]

Sea Striker Fluke Killers
$2.69 - $40.68

Another Eastern Shore and Northeast favorite for Flounder (Fluke). This 32", 40 lb. leader has a loop at the top for rig attachment. It has a style 42, size 1/0 nickel plated wide gap hook. The hook is dressed with a spinner blade and a bucktail teaser tag. Individually packaged. [more]

Sea Striker Snapper Rigs
$37.08 - $40.68

Heavy-duty Snapper Rigs for bottom fishing. Features double drops and heavy swivel. Rigs have black nylon-coated Sealon® wire. Bulk packed on a shower ring. [more]

Sea Striker Drum Rig 'Dr'
$1.89 - $40.56

The 17" rig has a 2/0 3-way swivel with a Luxon connecting link on the top end. Available 12 per ring or 1 per pack. [more]

Sea Striker Captains Rigs
$32.28 - $34.68

Another Eastern Shore and northeast favorite for flounder (fluke). This 32" 40 lb. leader has a #4, 3-way swivel at the top with a snap for sinker attachment. Size 1/0 hook. The bottom of the rig has a spinner blade, a bucktail teaser and a nickel-plated wide gap flounder hook. Individually… [more]

Sea Striker F3 Flounder Rigs
$1.89 - $34.68

The same excellent seller and specifications as the above. The only difference is the selection of the float and the F3 is available with a mono or nylon-coated 30 lb. Sealon® wire leader. Individually packaged. [more]

Sea Striker Cobia Leader
$4.49 - $32.28

CR42 heavy-duty leader for any large game fish. The 42" leader is made with 80 lb. black Sealon® coated wire. It is double crimped on each end with 2 Micro-press sleeves. The top end has a 2/0 black swivel and the bottom has a 2/0 black Coastlock snap swivel. Bulk packed. The CSR36-1PK rig is… [more]

Sea Striker Fluke Tamer Rigs

A double hook rig for flounder (fluke). The 50 lb. mono has two 1/0 nickel-plated wide gap flounder hooks, a #5 swivel at the top and a #3 snap in the center for sinker attachment. One hook is dressed with a white bucktail teaser. Individually packaged. [more]

Sea Striker Egg Ready Rigs With Hook
$2.29 - $29.88

All rigs are constructed with 45 lb. nylon coated wire. [more]

Fin Strike 652Weakfish Rig

Hi-long rig. Two gold Mustad® wide gap hooks with pearl oval beds, swivel, and sinker loop. [more]

Sea Striker Flounder Trolling Rigs
$2.69 - $28.68

One of Sea Striker's® most popular flounder rigs. Constructed from 25" heavy monofilament line, 2 1/2" float, #4 Colorado spinner, red beads, and a #3 nickel snap. Made in USA. [more]

Sea Striker Pop Rigs

An Eastern Shore favorite for flounder (fluke). This 50 lb. mono rig has two size 1/0 nickel-plated wide gap flounder hooks. One hook has a bucktail teaser for dressing, the other is plain. Hook leaders can be easily changed. This rig has a minimum of hardware. Individually packaged. [more]

Sea Striker Redfish Rig

A deluxe redfish rig made with a #1 3-way swivel and sinker connected to a 3/0 stainless steel Mustad® hook, 60 lb. mono and a 2" fluorescent red float. Made in USA. Individually packaged. [more]

205 Results
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