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Misc Fishing Accessories

Boone Monster Bags
$229.99 - $649.99
Our high quality fish bag is designed to keep your trophy sportfish at their maximum weight. Exterior of bag is UV resistant. Insulated w/closed cell foam. Insulated fish weight saver. Durable with top loading zipper.
Boone Double Tuna Bag
The Boone high quality double tuna bag is designed to keep your trophy sportfish at their maximum weight. Exterior of bag is UV resistant. Opens up quickly to approximately 40"x80". Insulated w/closed cell foam.
$299.99 - $409.99
Why bring the blood on your deck or have bulky coolers in your cockpit. Kill bags hold more fish and alleviate the smells associated with putting fish in your fish holds. Insulated kill bags hold ice for days and collapse for storage. Contact are sales team for more information.
Fish-N-Mate Scupper Fit Deluxe Kayak Carrier
Deluxe Kayak Carrier. Great for the beach, pier, home or garden. Providing parts and attachments for outdoor recreation. Quality craftsmanship and materials make this product a must have for any fisherman.
C&H Fish Bags
$179.99 - $309.99
Keep those fish cold. Great for icing fish in tournaments or for boats that need more fish storage. Insulated C&H Fish Bags clean up easily with soap and water. Fold up for compact storage. Handles for easy carrying.
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$169.99 - $194.99
Lindy Standard Series Drift Socks
$89.99 - $99.99
Nylon construction allows for quick drying and compact storage. 1" nylon straps offer added support, ensuring years of tear-free usage. Drift Control's? unique upper cylinder floats and bottom weights guarantee the drift sock opens immediately and does not rotate.
13 Fishing Reel Kit
The 13 Fishing Trick Shop allows you to customize every aspect of all your Concept reels to make sure it meets your style and performance needs. Because it's not just a reel.. It's an extension of yourself.
Lindy Magnum Series Drift Sock
Designed for use in the most extreme angling conditions. 1" nylon straps offer added support. The unique flotation device and bottom weights provide for faster deployment and prevent rotation. Durable, coated Rip-Stop nylon stops the drift sock from pulsating; therefore, creating more drag than other drift socks of the same diameter.
SeaQualizer ?
The SeaQualizer ? is a device used to reverse the effects of barotrauma. The SeaQualizer is designed to release at three different depth settings (50ft,100ft,150ft). The SeaQualizer ? allows you to return the fish to a sufficient survival depth without puncturing or injuring the fish. The SeaQualizer ? is pressure activated avoiding premature release, which can happen with other tools.Through proper use, the SeaQualizer ? promotes longevity of resources for generations to come.
Frabill Lure Retriever
Simply turn the spiral end of the retriever around your line, follow the line down to the snag and give a push. Great for saving lures from snags above water, too. Made from extra strong lightweight aluminum tubing. Telescopes to 77".
EGO Grip Tool
Stainless steel jaws with quick trigger finger action. Anodized aluminum body with fixed handle.
Ardent Smartcull?
A two stage system that allows you to cull by color and weight. a series of six highly buoyant, impact-resistant balls eliminate the need for markers, charts or computers. Record up to 15 pounds, 15 ounces, and setting weight on each ball is quick and simple. Durable clip a and cable with protective coating. Reduce fish stress by weighing only one.
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