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Floats-Pkgd,Furn Lines,Stops

Billy Boy Lighted Pole Floats
$74.28 - $161.88
A lighted float that will work for the fishermen. Ours, which is made with wood, will support the heavy sinker used in this type fishing.
Balloon Fisher King Bulk Pack Balloon Pack
The clips are recommended for 20-lb monofilament or 30-lb braided line and higher. Easy-to-use, re-usable, custom balloon clips, Attaches and removes a balloon from line in seconds. Precise bait depth control. Ideal for saltwater and freshwater
Plastilite Tubular Balsa Wood Floats
White with fluorescent red/orange tubular floats. Weighted floats.
Sea Striker Poppin-Float Rigs
$37.08 - $59.88
Rigged with 40 lb. mono or 60 lb. SealonĀ® coated wire. Complete with egg sinker and beads.
Billy Boy Catfish Glow Bobber
A lighted bobber for catfishing. Enough buoyancy to hold large live bait. Extra heavy weight for increased casting distance. Strong spring to hold line. Comes with 4 light sticks.
Plastilite Extra-Strength
$2.99 - $54.50
Water weightable. Clear styrene spinning float.
Eagle Claw Bobber Stops With Beads
$1.69 - $51.48
By affixing the Bobber Stop above your sinker, it keeps the entire Punch Rig contained in a compact unit that can easily penetrate and exit matted vegetation. Without it, your sinker and punch skirt would slide up and down your line away from the hook - diminishing the presentation value and increasing your likelihood of getting hung up.
Billy Boy Popping Float?
$35.88 - $46.68
Fluorescent paint on top for high vis- ibility. Cupped head makes the popping noise and bubbles to attract the fish.
Rainbow Gizmo Bobber Stops
$1.79 - $46.68
Slips easily along line to set depth. Passes through open and closed face reels. For all slip float fishing. Will not damage line or freeze on line.
Billy Boy Balsa Slip Floats
Made from Balsa Wood. Most buoyant of all floats. Variable depth can be controlled with Betts Bobber Stops. Floats are painted with a clear coat for protection to prevent cracking and splitting.
Billy Boy Popping Float?
Well balanced for easy and loud popping sound. Rattle chamber designed to make more distinctive noise.
Thill Pro Series Floats
Slip bobbers are the ultimate for fishing live bait at various depths. Just a quick adjustment of the bobber stop puts the bait where you want it. A slick brass grommet insert allows line to easily slip through these premium balsa wood floats. Available in Unweighted & Weighted. Weighted bobbers are ready to fish.
Mr Crappie Rattlin' Round & Pear
$2.09 - $39.50
Has a unique bait fish sound that attracts crappies. While retrieving twitch the rod tip to make the float rattle. Clip on design allows you to set the lure or hook to the desired depth. Heavy plastic construction make this float great for fishing around rocky shore loaded with stumps or grass line. Excellent for pre-spawn or spawning crappies. The bright yellow and green color combination makes them easy to detect strikes. Kit includes yellow and green assortment.
Betts Flo-Glo?
Brilliant FLO-GLO? Carolina style string floats in zip bags.
Billy Boy Balsi-Foam? Flo-Glo?
$27.48 - $39.48
Weighted snap-on floats. It's weighted for action. Stronger and heavier. Can also be used for slip float. Assorted colors, round or cigar. Zip Bag.
Comal Floating Steel Leaders
$35.88 - $37.08
Popper or Cigar floaters.
Sea Striker Rattle Float Rig
For use with live bait or jigs as a visual or audible attractor. The rig is equipped with 4 noisemaking beads and inter-locking snap to make lure changing easy.
Thill Premium Weighted Floats
$32.22 - $34.02
Whether used slip-style or fixed, Thill Premium Weighted Floats cast farther and more accurately in wind. Use fixed floats in the shallows or use a float stop and let the float slide to reach deeper fish. The vibrant black and fluorescent orange top makes it easy to see.
Eagle Claw Balsa Style Slip Floats
$2.59 - $32.28
Ideal for fishermen of any level of experience. Good for freshwater and saltwater when fishing for Bass, Walleye, Tarpon, Redfish, Snapper, Sea Trout, Snook, and Cobia. There are 2 in each pack.
Billy Boy Foam Peg Floats
Beautiful fluorescent finish on hard foam. Floats high in the water. No breakage or sinking like plastic.
Mr Crappie Twist On Twist Off Slip Floats
$3.19 - $28.68
The perfect easy way to put a slip bobber on the line. Just put the line in the slot and twist it on. It comes off the same easy way. No line cutting or abrasion. Extra cap included with bobber stops and beads in each package.
Thill Night N' Day Glow Floats
Black with fluorescent glow tops.
Billy Boy Slip Stick? Balsi-Foam?
$19.50 - $26.28
Super sensitive spincasting adjustable slip float. Does not need bead because of small size eyelet in stick. Can also be used as a fixed float. Red and white.
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