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Bait Cont, Traps, Livewells

Promar Bait Motel
$28.99 - $144.99
Use these temporary Bait Motels to store your bait until your next outing. Specially designed with a convenient floating upper compartment, access to bait is secured by a drawstring closure to keep out pesky birds. Designed with soft Ace Nylon material and all non-corrosive materials. Floating top ring and stainless bottom ring. Great for Boaters, Kayakers, or Float Tubers to hold bait in lieu of a battery operated bait tank.
Gee's Chum Pot
The Gee-Chum is designed to accommodate any style of chum (dry, frozen blocks, clam, bunker, etc.) It's large capacity (1.75 gallon) and rugged construction allows for various methods of chumming from still fishing to trolling with a minimal amount of mess. Easy to clean - no messy bags that hold odor.
Frabill Bait Quarters Floating Bait Wells
$48.99 - $64.99
Tie a Bait Quarters to your dock or boat slip; its special design allows the top of the container to float for easier access. The bottom of the net is specially weighted so it sinks yet maintain it's circular shape even in current. Special Velcro latched lid design keeps pesky birds out and bait secure. Soft 3/8" white nylon mesh netting is fish friendly, yet strong, and will not rough up fish like traditional wire or metal boxes. Made of non-corrosive materials. Bait Quarters collapse down for easy storage. Ideal for fresh or saltwater use.
Frabill Pinfish Trap
Extra large design offers plenty of capacity for multiple catches. Made from extra heavy-duty galvanized steel mesh to hold up in harsh saltwater conditions. Large front opening and inverted funnel provide easy access of bait to enter the trap. Features a sliding back panel door for easy baiting and removal of your catch. Special flat bottom design and rectangular low profile shape prevent the trap from rolling in current or tides.
Joy Fish Crab Traps
$41.99 - $44.99
Black vinyl coated wire crab trap.
Gee's Minnow Trap
Measures 16" long x 8.75" high (tapers down to 7.5" high at each end). Small opening at each end.
Challenge Eliminator Lid
The tackle box Eliminator Lid fits all five gallon buckets and stores cut bait, terminal tackle, etc. in its three compartments of varying depths. The fourth opening allows access to the contents of your bucket.
Gee's Minnow Trap Eel Pot
The old reliable Gee minnow trap with a center section added for use as an eel pot. Center section is easily removable to convert standard minnow trap size. 31 1/2" long, 9" at largest diameter.
Boone 5 Gallon Chum Bag
Boone has a Chum Bag strong enough to hold your 5 gallon special recipe. This heavy duty chum bag holds up to 30 lbs of chum. This 23" long by 12" diameter chum bag made with heavy duty nylon coated material and has extra weep holes for increased scent distribution.
Frabill Crawfish Traps
Traps feature heavy-duty steel mesh construction that's vinyl coated to help protect the mesh. Camouflage black color blends in underwater. Both traps feature inverted funnel shaped cones with 2.25: entry holes. Crawfish can enter easily but can't escape. Model 1272 features a convenient two-piece design that opens in the middle for easy baiting and removal of your catch. Model 1273 features a three-piece design for larger capacity catches. Come complete with heavy-duty spring clip closures.
Magic Worm Ranch
Ideal master storage container to keep hundreds of worms fresh and active. Complete kit includes 4 1/2 lb. bag of Magic® Worm Bedding, 12oz. bag of worm food and instructions. Whether you harvest your own worms or buy them in bulk, the Ranch will keep them fishing ready for your next trip.
Voodoo Menhaden Milk Drip Container
Dispensing system that allows the fisherman to get the Menhaden Milk below the surface. Container has 5ft weighted tube attached as well as a control valve.
Joy Fish Fish Basket
High quality, durable plastic storage basket with two handles. Dim: 19"D x 17"H. Wt. Capacity: 40 lb.
Promar Collapsible Crab/Fish/Crawdad Trap
Widely used by professionals, commercial fisherman, and scientific groups to catch fish and crustaceans, these multipurpose traps are popular simply because they are effective. Unlike traditional traps, their collapsible design allow fishermen to carry more traps while eliminating excessive bulk on board. all traps include a bonus drawstring bait bag, wire secure clamps, and easy carry handle.
Promar Collapsible Crab/Crawfish Traps
$21.99 - $24.99
Becoming widely used by professionals, commercial fisherman, and scientific groups to catch fish and crustaceans, these multipurpose traps are popular simply because they are effective. Unlike other traditional traps, their collapsible design allows fisherman to carry more traps while eliminating excessive bulk on board. All traps include a bonus drawstring bait bag, wire secure clamps and easy carry handle.
Eagle Claw Chum Pot
This heavy gauge wire mesh chum pot is a must for all anglers and is made to drop evenly, every time.
Frabill Wade Bucket
This galvanized bucket is designed especially for the stream fisherman. The unique design accommodates minnows, crayfish, frogs, and salamanders. A snap-on shoulder strap is included for easy carrying.
Joy Fish Chum Box
Features coated wire. 13" x 8" x 4-1/4" with a ½" mesh.
Joy Fish Floating Bait Stations
$17.49 - $21.99
Use this on the side of boat, dock, etc. to keep your bait alive longer. Features fine mesh cage, fixed floating ring and double draw string.
Eagle Claw Galvanized Minnow Trap
9" d X 16½" h. Black. 0848-5858: Same size and is Galvanized
Eagle Claw Floating Wire Fish Basket
$13.99 - $19.99
Eagle Claw Floating Wire Fish Baskets are a great way to keep your catch fresh and alive for a whole day of fishing. These baskets feature tough styrene floating trap doors to keep them above water, wire mesh construction, spring-loaded doors on the top and bottom, and are fully collapsible for easy storage.
Frabill Crawler Cribs
These rugged bait containers are constructed of a non-corroding frame and fiber walls that "breathe." The small sized container features doors on opposite sides to make bait retrieval easy. The large box has an extra large opening on one side. Both with one door.
Challenge Tornado Seat
Built with the highest quality materials, this durable lid turns with a quiet ball bearing swivel action and converts a bucket to a storage/seat combination that is ideal for anglers, hunters, mechanics and hobbyists.
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