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Primos See Thru Call Case

Designed to carry, organize, and protect your mouth calls whether they are Traditional™, Sonic Dome®, Sound Plate™, A-Frame™ or PiggyBack®. Tip: Rinse mouth calls with tap water, shake dry and store in a cool, dark place in the refrigerator. [more]

Primos Limb Hanger

The Primos® Limb Hanger™ is one of our Original™ Series mouth calls. This call is constructed out of two thin prophylactic reeds creating a sensitive call that’s easy to use. With a little practice, you can reproduce clear notes or raspy calls. This one is great for beginners and pros alike. [more]

Primos Cuttin' Hen

The Cuttin’ Hen™ is part of our Original™ Series, which means its three reeds are made from super-thin latex material. The Cuttin’ Hen’s™ triple reeds and half moon cut make medium raspy yelps, clucks, cuts and cackles. It’s easy to use, and makes excellent kee-kees and cutting calls. [more]

Quaker Boy Beginner's Double

The Beginner's Double™ is a double reeded, easy to use, clear mouth yelper. Perfect for beginners or skilled mouth callers looking for a medium tone clear yelper. Very good for reproducing the kee kee or whistling call in fall. [more]

Primos Sonic Dome Triple w/ Bat Cut

Simple and dependable – You’re gonna love the way this call works. The Sonic Dome® Series has been designed so the call is automatically positioned correctly in your mouth. The dome creates its own chamber for an incredibly consistent sound. Finally, a mouth call for everyone. These calls will do… [more]

Quaker Boy Old Boss Hen

The Old Boss Hen™ is made with two medium thick reeds, with one split on both ends. You can reproduce all calls of the wild turkey with our #1 Best Seller. -Medium Rasp tone -2 layers [more]

Primos True Double

The True Double™ is part of our Piggy Back® series meaning it has a stacked double frame with one thin prophylactic reed in each frame, separated by 1/16”, which doesn’t allow the reeds to stick together. A very easy call to use, it produces turkey talk with a true turkey rasp and tone. It makes… [more]

Primos A-Frame Triple w/ Bat Cut

Simple. Versatile. Dependable. We love it when a call comes together. The A-Frame™ uses a patent pending process to trap the reeds and keep the perfect amount of tension, so the call will sound great over time. The A-Frame ™ is contoured to fit your mouth. When you try an A-Frame™, you’ll be amazed… [more]

Knight & Hale Ol' Reliable Turkey Diaphragm Call

This Knight & Hale all-around call allows the caller to produce all wild turkey hen sounds. It is great for the beginner as well as the advanced caller. Not only will this diaphragm make the best sounds to a gobbler's ear, but also includes a light minty flavor that will stay with your call all… [more]

Knight & Hale Black Mamba Diaphragm Call

The Knight & Hale Black Mamba is a very unique cut call designed to give the hunter a very user-friendly call but a call that will bark out raspy deep turkey sounds. Knight & Hale call it the viper combo cut. The call gives the best of a v-cut styles as well as a cutter cut style. This combo may… [more]

Knight & Hale Cranky Hen Diaphragm Call

Chris Parrish designed this call to give the hunter an ultimate competition style call. Designed with a modified bat wing cut using a custom-blended gray .004 top reed and two clear .025 Proph bottom reeds. The reeds are set back in the frame to allow the caller the ability to call the lightest of… [more]

Primos Deadly Double

This stacked double frame call is built with 1 ultra-thin latex reed and 1 super-thin prophylactic reed which are separated by 1/16? and will not stick together. This versatile call can be very raspy depending on how you blow it. The Deadly Double™ is one call that will do it all – from raspy yelps… [more]

Primos Long Hooks w/ Upper Cut

The Primos® Hook Hunter™ Series mouth calls produce incredibly real and unique pitches that even the wisest ole’ tom can’t resist. Custom designed by combining 100+ years of experience by passionate, determined turkey hunters with premium gauge reeds and precision hand made cuts. You’ll be hooked… [more]

Primos Hacked Off w/ Buzz Cut

We’ve taken the design of our medium frame mouth call one step further. Printed lines on the tape help you customize the size of the call to achieve a more perfect fit to the roof of your mouth. Soft raspy yelps, crisp cuts Triple reed design Medium Fram [more]

Primos Hacked Off w/ Sawtooth Cut

We’ve taken the design of our medium frame mouth call one step further. Printed lines on the tape help you customize the size of the call to achieve a more perfect fit to the roof of your mouth. Higher pitched, clean yelps Triple reed design Medium frame [more]

Quaker Boy Old Boss Hen 3 Pack

The Old Boss Hen™ 3 Pack is simple to use with just the right amount of rasp. The Old Boss Hen™ reed design is the most popular and effective design of all time. Each call has a precisely matched reed thickness and tension to offer you the best variety of feel and tone quality. The Better-Fit™ tape… [more]

Quaker Boy Easy Yelper

The Easy Yelper™ is our most popular friction call. One-handed, simple operation. A favorite of experts and beginners alike that produces all turkey talk. Crafted and finished of Maple and Mahogany woods. Requires very little maintainence. -Mahogany -Maple -Stainless Steel Spring [more]

Quaker Boy H2O Easy Yelper

Our easiest, most productive call just got better! The H2O Easy Yelper™ will operate under any hunting condition. Rainy, no problem - the H2O is waterproof. Windy, no problem - the H2O carries loud and clear.The highly waterproof coating allows the H20 to work in the heaviest rain storms. This is… [more]

Quaker Boy Cyclone Push Pin

The Cyclone™ pushpin will operate under any hunting conditions. Rainy, no problem - the Cyclone™ is waterproof. Windy, no problem - the Cyclone™ has volume adjust. Dead still, no problem - the Cyclone™ has a mistake-free clucker button. This call requires NO chalk and should NOT be sanded. Simple… [more]

Quaker Boy Hurricane

The Hurricane™ is a two sided box made with a Poplar wood bottom and Maple lid and works WET or DRY. It never needs sanding or chalking. This perfectly crafted box call creates unsurpassed realism. Featuring our waterproof formula, you’ll never have to sand or chalk the Hurricane™! Unsurpassed,… [more]

Primos Bamboozled Box Call

Bamboozled; to deceive by underhanded methods We are always experimenting with new ways to “Speak the Language”. We experiment with new shapes and materials day in and day out. Always seeking the correct tones and pitches that perfectly replicate the sounds found in nature. The Primos Bamboozled… [more]

Quaker Boy A' Banshee

The A' Banshee™ Box Call is a single sided box call crafted with a walnut box and curved cherry lid. The crucial call contact points are coated with a proprietary waterproof solution. This call will work soaking wet or dry without losing sound quality. The patented curved lid design compliments the… [more]

Knight & Hale Ultimate Fighting Purr Friction Call

The name says it all - a fighting purr system in one, user-friendly unit. This call can be used by holding it in one hand and rotating the spindle with the other or placing it on the ground for one-hand operation. The Ultimate Fighting Purr makes spot-on fighting purr sounds and is deadly in the… [more]

Primos Wet Box Call

Don’t let the weather stop you from using your box call. The Wet Box™ is coated with our special proprietary formula that will last for years and is unaffected by repeated soakings. If you’re the type of hunter that isn’t going to let the rain stop you, then this is the call for your. The Wet Box™… [more]

Knight & Hale Wet Willy Waterproof Box Call

Make high-quality turkey calls, regardless of the conditions you run into in the woods with the Knight & Hale® Wet Willy Waterproof Double-Sided Box Turkey Call. One-piece base is rounded inside for smooth sounds. Waterproof coating on all surfaces -- never needs chalking. Features two calling… [more]

Primos Super Freak Box Call

You’re gonna Freak Out, when you see how effective the Super Freak™ Box call is! It is simple to strap on and adjust. Once you have it securely strapped to your leg, you can call with one hand, greatly reducing the amount of motion needed to call in turkeys. The Super Freak™ box call is crafted… [more]

Primos Hook Up Box Call

The Hook Up™ box from Primos® is designed to take all the guess work out of getting that perfect box call sound every time you play it. The ultra-strong magnet holds the paddle at the perfect angle for crisp cuts, smooth purrs & soft to loud yelps. When used with the included Gobble Band™ , the… [more]

Knight & Hale Witchy Woman Friction Call

Co-founders Harold Knight & David Hale swear by push/pull calls and in crafting the Witchy Woman Turkey Friction Call, sought to create a beautifully built, easy-to-use, sweet sounding box call that hunters of any skill level could use with minimum hand movement to bring turkeys that extra few feet… [more]

Primos Lil' Hot Box Call

Get that gobbler fired up with a strike from the Lil’ Hot Box™! You’ll be blown away that a sound so crisp and clear could be made out of a box call that is so small. The Lil’ Hot Box™ is crafted from a solid piece of Mahogany and the paddle is made from a Custom Laminate wood that adds to the feel… [more]

30 Results

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