Feature Items

Primos She Mobile Decoy

A hen always makes a set-up more attractive to a tom. Use this decoy on the stake to represent a contented female or on the ground for a submissive pose. This decoy gets its name because, though it's full size and mounted, it's very easy to carry. It's made of a lightweight plastic that can be… [more]

Knight & Hale Wet Willy Waterproof Box Call

Make high-quality turkey calls, regardless of the conditions you run into in the woods with the Knight & Hale® Wet Willy Waterproof Double-Sided Box Turkey Call. One-piece base is rounded inside for smooth sounds. Waterproof coating on all surfaces -- never needs chalking. Features two calling… [more]

Quaker Boy Hurricane

The Hurricane™ is a two sided box made with a Poplar wood bottom and Maple lid and works WET or DRY. It never needs sanding or chalking. This perfectly crafted box call creates unsurpassed realism. Featuring our waterproof formula, you’ll never have to sand or chalk the Hurricane™! Unsurpassed,… [more]

Flambeau Master Series Upright Hen Turkey Decoy

The Master Series Upright Hen features real hen's "freeze dried" head molded. Couple the nearly live head with a realistic, portable and lightwieght body and you have a decoy that is highly effective and can be packed in day after day. Specifications: 32" long. Stake color adds realism by… [more]

Primos Lil' Hot Box Call

Get that gobbler fired up with a strike from the Lil’ Hot Box™! You’ll be blown away that a sound so crisp and clear could be made out of a box call that is so small. The Lil’ Hot Box™ is crafted from a solid piece of Mahogany and the paddle is made from a Custom Laminate wood that adds to the feel… [more]

Primos B Mobile Turkey Decoy

The plan to hatch B-Mobile™ started with a real stuffed gobbler we named Bob. He wasn’t the easiest thing to carry around in the woods, but he got the job done. We decided to try and build a decoy that worked as well as Bob but was more mobile. After working with prototypes of full strutting… [more]


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