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Terminal Tackle & Accessories

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Eagle Claw Fish Stringer
$0.89 - $1.09

Extra strong polyethylene twisted stringer with corrosion resistant needle and ring. [more]

Eagle Claw Roundsnap-on Floats
$0.99 - $59.50

Round plastic fixed floats. [more]

Kipper No-knot Fas-snap
$0.99 - $38.16

Made of spring steel for strength. Changes lures and hooks in seconds. Small, medium, large, and assorted. [more]

Berkley Minnow Dip Net

One piece steel wire frame and handle. Fine nylon mesh netting. [more]

Challenge Fish Scaler

This angler's tool features a specially designed and molded end for scaling fish. [more]

Challenge Shrimp Cleaners
$1.09 - $1.59

This handy tool makes quick work of the tedious job of deveining and shelling shrimp. [more]

Kipper No-knot Eyelets

Eliminates the knot in your fly line. No-Knot hangs on the guides of your rod. No splash when line hits the water. No-Knot eyelet inserts in the hollow core of fly line. [more]

Plastilite Plasti-bob®
$1.19 - $29.50

Round, plastic floats. Available in white top and red bottom with black button or fluorescent yellow top and orange bottom with black button or Black top with green bottom. [more]

Sea Striker Round Beads
$1.19 - $13.49

Fluorescent-colored beads. Ideal for making lures and rigs. Packed in vinyl bag with reclosable flap. [more]

Eagle Claw Hook Remover
$1.29 - $5.19

Remove hooks with ease without damaging your fingers or catch! [more]

Eagle Claw Ready To Fish Catfish Rig

Features 20" of 50 lb. test, with 4" droppers. [more]

Sea Striker Deluxe Sabiki Rig - Hage-kawa

Made with real fish skin, super sharp high carbon hooks & red bead. [more]

Sea Striker Pro Sabiki Rig - Hage-aurora Bait Rigs

Made with real fish skin, super sharp high carbon hooks & green bead. [more]

Shur Strike Blackfish (tautog) Rig

The Blackfish Rig is made with a #1/0 3-way swivel and snap for sinker connection, 14" for 40lb. test black monofilament, and two size 4 blue hooks. [more]

Shur Strike Striped Bass Rig
$1.29 - $1.89

Rigs tied with a sinker slide in conjunction witha crane barrel swivel and snap. [more]

Eagle Claw Crappie Rigs
$1.39 - $15.90

Rotating Two Gold Hk w/Spreader Rig [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp®
$1.39 - $1.69

L917,L918, & L919 features a clear monofilament line attached to a 3-way swivel and a dual lock snap for attaching a weight. The snell consist of a 1 ½ cigar peg float with the line running through the float and is pegged to the line just above the hook. L920 features a 66"-58lb. clear monofilament… [more]

Sea Striker Pompano Rigs
$1.39 - $19.08

Tied on 25 lb. mono with gold Kahle-style hooks highlighted with a fluorescent red bead, a black swivel at the top and black sinker at the bottom. Individually packaged. [more]

Sea Striker Spot, Kingfish And Pompano Rig
$1.39 - $3.39

A double rig for all small to medium game fish. Mono rig has #6 plated wide gap hooks with red beads. Individually packaged. [more]

Berkley Wire Wound Steelon®
$1.49 - $1.89

Hand-wound with wire instead of crimped, for a stronger hold. Runs true through water and gathers fewer weeds. Available in bright & black. [more]

Diamond Lightsticks

Diamond light hanging package comes in green, blue, red and violet. Non-toxic, non-flammable and waterproof. [more]

Eagle Claw Aerator Replacement Stone

Aerator replacement stone for the Pump # 11050-004. [more]


36" with snap swivel. [more]

Eagle Claw Fish Scaler

Fish Scaler 7" [more]

Eagle Claw Fishing Bell Clapper

Fishing Bell Claper [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp®
$1.49 - $1.89

Features a 12" / 27lb. clear monofilament line attached to a 3-way swivel and a dual lock snap for attaching a weight. There are two snells each with a yellow corn style bead attached just above the hook. Both snells feature a Lazer Sharp® platinum black chestertown flounder hook size 8. L903… [more]

Eagle Claw Rigging Beads

A necessity for rigging your own lure. 8mm. 20 pack. [more]

Sea Striker Croaker Rigs

#2 Nickel plated bait holder hooks. Also good for spots, pompano, kingfish, whiting and other small game fish. [more]

Thill Premium Bobber Stops
$1.49 - $1.69

Made from high-vis, flourescent-colored, fine diameter material. These quality stop knots grip monofilament more easily and dependably than other bobber stops. Diverse packaging and display options meet every merchandising need. [more]

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp®

Features a 38"-48lb. clear monofilament line attached to a black barrel swivel. The terminal end features a Lazer Sharp® platinum black octopus L226BP hook, L924 features a L116 hook. [more]

2215 Results
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